Hillary Wins South Carolina, Reddit Feels the Burn

When I started YCS, there was an obstacle that I didn’t expect: The unending desperation of various publications across the political spectrum. Seriously, pop-up ads on NRO are one thing, but Forbes hides behind a paywall, as does fucking WaPo AND the NYT. What’s an edgy shitlord content thief like me to do? Guess I need to go get some low-hanging fruit. And what fruit hangs lower and more ripe than fucking Reddit?

See, to no one’s surprise, Hillary Clinton fucking schlonged (((Bernie Sanders))) in South Carolina last night. And she’s also expected to fuck (((Sanders))) so hard on Super Tuesday that Huma will start to get jealous. How did Reddit handle it? Well, thanks to the good goys over at /r/Drama and /r/ShitPoliticsSays, we can see for ourselves!

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YCS Is Always Right, Pt 1:

From my last article:

Right now Breitbart is going after the Rubio campaign: Even as we speak, Milo Y-Can’t-His-Name-Be-Easier-To-Fucking-Spell is going deep undercover in the Miami foam party scene looking for old friends/fuckbuddies/sugar daddies of Marco’s.

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What can I say? It pays to trust your instincts.

Trump isn’t the best Christian. So fucking what?

I’m not a Christian. Like I said in the last article, I was raised Episcopalian and predictably became very disenfranchised with Christianity as a result. So instead I started listening to Burzum and making references to the kike-on-a-stick and pretending that not shaving made me a viking. And eventually I got to know more religious folk in the alt-right, and while I’m still not a believer, I don’t have a real beef with Christianity. I’ve gotten to know and respect Sedavacantists, Traditional Catholics, hell, there was an Evangelical (I think, never asked his denomination) on the TRS forums who made a good case for his faith. And I think just by being proxy to these people, and talking to them, I’m going to wager that I know a little more about religion than the average basic-bitch talking head. But theology isn’t my thing: shit-talking is my thing. So let’s watch the fallout unfold as everyone bitches about Trump taking South Carolina, shall we?

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Jason Brennan is a Fag and the NAP is Retarded

Oh boy, libertarians being complete cucks yet again! Is anyone surprised? Anyone? No? Anyway, this wonderful little pissing and moaning about “MUH CIVIL LIBERTIES” comes from Jason Brennan of the Foundation for Economic Education, where he tries to make the case against open borders, because of what it will lead to. Hell, you know what you’re getting from the title: “Many Arguments for Closed Borders Have Scary Implications”. And the sub-header? “But advocates almost never address them”. Well then, let’s address them!

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Clayton Purdom is angry. Angry about Yarn.

You know, YCS is still in its infancy. That means there’s a lot of stuff that I haven’t really gotten worked out, like dealing with spacing, the categories system, and what exactly I’d be covering. See, my intention was riffing on political stuff that gets published in National Review or Washington Post or the New York Times. But sometimes I see something so abjectly awful, regardless of where it’s from, and I have to say something about it. In this case, the target of my ire is an editorial from a nobody shitlib named Clayton Perdom of third-rate video games site Kill Screen entitled “Burn in hell Yarny”. And trust me, I have good reason to do this.

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Kevin D. Williamson Can’t Stop Thinking About Boys

At this point making jokes about Kevin D. Williamson being an obvious closet case is as tired and worn out as his excuses for going out to the park at midnight with a specially colored handkerchief in his back pocket. But given the way things are going, it’s possible that National Review might not be around in the next five to ten years, so I think it’s worth chronicling the stupid shit these guys publish so future generations will learn why “conservatism” was a cancer upon the American right. So once more, Kevin has shown us his exceptionally shitty hack writing, this time with his National Review Online piece called “The Buchanan Boys are Back”. And boy oh boy is it ever some steaming-hot garbage.

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